Inspiration for Your Perspiration

Get fired up. Get excited.

Load up on the imagery that inspires you to do your greatest work. Or gets you through the grind of a tough task.

Inspiration for Your Work

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Self Persuasion

Visuals to help you change your habits and achieve your goals.

History Interface
History Interface

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Your Knowledge Gallery

Learning something new, or trying to build new habits?

Use Visuals to present a stream of information to help you learn and reinforce the choices you want to make.


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Art. Memes. Fashion. Holiday Snaps.

Create boards from your favorite imagery.

Make your computing experience more enjoyable and personal.



Comics Fan:


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  • Multiple Layouts

    Choose and configure different layouts for the presentation of your images.

  • Dynamic & Interactive Moodboards

    Set a timer to drive random updates to the displayed images.
    Click and Double-Click to resize and update individual images.

  • Full Screen & Split-Screen

    Run Visuals in full screen mode for an immersive experience.
    Run in split screen mode to see a relevant gallery whilst you work.

  • Windows & Tabs

    Create multiple windows and tabs. Manage them using Stage Manager, Desktops and all the standard macOS window management tools.

  • Native Mac app

    Visuals is a fully native macOS app, crafted using Apple's latest technology.
    This makes it energy and memory usage efficient. It wont drain your battery. And you can run it alongside your most demanding apps.

  • One time purchase

    No subscription required.

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